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Core activities

  • Occasional and continuous auditing;
  • Auditing of transformations;
  • Assessment;
  • Capital valuations;
  • Occasional and continuous taxation consultation;
  • Finance and accounting audit of software.


Open hours

Administration services are available at Head Office from 8am – 2.30pm and all other services have no precise open hours; we remain flexible for all our partners.



We set our prices based on the exercises to complete as the following:

"Fixed-price" method

  • Calculated based on 10K HUF / hour + 25% VAT rate (including overheads);
  • Required working hours are agreed with the partner.

"Paid by the hour" method

  • Based on the complexity and urgency of the job, costs can vary from 10K to 15K HUF / hour + 25% VAT (including overheads).
  • We have unique prices for those groups of companies which have three or more subsidiaries;
  • In the case of auditing, our prices include the cost of consultancy and opinion.