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The company’s legal predecessor was the PÉTAKÖ Financial, Advisory and Accounting Deposit Company that was founded on 1st January in 1997 and mainly performed accounting and advisory tasks. With the accumulated equity to date and a lot of hard work, in conjunction with a change in focal point of operations, it was necessary to alter the style of business to be a private limited company on the 4th June, 2003. Soon after, on 2nd July 2003, the Hungarian Chamber of Auditors registered & authorized the company (No. 002176) to operate as an auditor for an undetermined time period. The BALLA AUDIT Ltd. was registered by the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority under number Tpt-002176/05 on 26th May, 2005 as a registered auditor.

The business is a private entrepreneurship, owned by Dr. István Balla (55%) and Dr. Istvánné Balla (45%) {nee Éva Krammer}. The ‘BALLA AUDIT Auditor Ltd’ carried out significant posts during its short life and still does at present. The two most outstanding auditing posts are: Óbuda–Békásmegyer Local Government in Budapest, 3rd district and the Research & Technological Innovation Funds. The company is fulfilling the bookkeeping requirements in the also family owned BAMOTO Economy Organiser and Informational Ltd which is in line with the ethical norms of the Hungarian Chamber of Auditors.

The company employs two full time recorded auditors and two auditor assistants when required with the administrative jobs being carried out by one other person. The working conditions are ideal with all the official equipments in place. Additionally, the PCs are working in a network system with unlimited internet connection.

Our aim is to have continuous working relationship with our partners and watch over the everyday working life of “our companies”. In the case of continuous accounting, we request a word of opinion in the main decisions along with participation in the meetings which determine the life of the company.

The BALLA AUDIT Auditing Ltd. and its members have 10M HUF third-party insurance.

The company’s share capital is 20.7M HUF and its cash & assets are 24.355M HUF at the end of 2005.

The company has no dues, faultless bank information and its status is stable and operations are balanced.


Company data

Shortened name: BALLA AUDIT Kft
Head office: H-1038 Budapest, Rózsadomb str. 64754. Hrsz
Postal address: H-1038 Budapest, Rózsadomb str. 64754 Hrsz
Representative: Dr. István Ballan
Contact: Tel/Fax: 06-1/243-2049 | E-mail: info@ballaaudit.hu
Commercial Register Number: 01-09-716408
Statistical code: 13051934-7412-113-01
Tax number: 13051934-2-41
Bank name: OTP Bank Rt
Bank account number: 11703006 - 20367365 - 00000000

Representation: I, Dr. István Balla, the general manager of the BALLA AUDIT Ltd., declare that I sign the firm myself by signing my name under its handwritten, printed, pre-printed, and full or shorten name.